Without shielding

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yr of impressions


the line between I and all



the "I"

that as long as terrified

klamrat at

logical thought chants

explanatory models and protective walls


self was born without but I

for 49 years ago

an infinite soul caught in

a three-dimensional livsklump

that breathed and moved



to learn how to manage the new



"I" became to

It hurt



a hudlös sponge with five thousand emotional sticks

is forced

to harden themselves

temp out

temp out

(rustad straight and armor sealed

I went out) *


until life craft could be operated in three dimensions

but that burst

of impressions


I am (et)

learned (sig)

run everything smoother, faster

following what seemed to be

instructions for use

("I" feel so small and fragile)

("I" needs)

(be someone, be something, succeed, succeed, successful)


(for more, more, more!)




I was able to

I grew

the shell was strong

(but the horror was the post cast

and of shame) *


"I" then proceeded to crumple up

4997 emotional sticks

told them to shut up

While I learned

talk, scream, compete, have fun, elbow, babble and perform


just as I thought

It would go to




(powerful is it diluting life

more than iron

out of the Earth's heart-driven

without the shield) *





4997 emotional sticks

required thank goodness


his existential right


broke up


asking "self" shut up

When there is a question

that it may be able to have a rational response to


all senses naked

find dimensions

only five thousand emotional sticks can experience


allow the soul


inform me


is the butterfly

the leaves





is the crowd

is the friend

feel in

familiar with

know everything


not so bad anymore

not so afraid anymore

It works better now

albeit a little dizzy

a little wobbly


a little live

a little happy


(spring dawns in winter climes

where I froze

I want to meet life's powers

weaponless) *


* Karin Boye-I want to meet the …


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