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Sometimes I slip up on one of those nice surfvåg, the skumfräser of water and I will be taken forward with a lovely snatch. Yesterday, it felt a bit like that. The weather was stunning beautiful, and when I forced me to clean an hour at home (new airbnb guests tomorrow) I allowed myself to hold out. Took with me new neoprene gloves and packed down a small packed lunch and gave me out with Munin.

Poor Munin which looks like Hi-come-and-help-me. It gnaws at me that I haven't been able to organize the rest of all the fix needed for her to be ready, but now it's as it is. Throttle cable is missing, right now it's an extremely temporary solution with a wire sticking out through a hole in the hood. The bonnet is leaking, ugly and sliding around, so I have to constantly watch the gas. The planks does not fit anywhere and are located on Cockeyed, even more after I put in cans with lead in the bilge. Avbärarlisterna is and takes lots of space and gets caught together with fockskotet as soon as the opportunity arises. Shoot the ropes also have no brackets, I hold with forwarders and hands. Large-and fockfallen have nothing to snap in. The tie I fixed in mastfotsfästet.  It's a snubbelkaos like no other …. But I must love her even though she is not clear, it is a good exercise in love it non-perfectionist:-)

Many boats out there now in hummerfisketider. Fun, and especially exciting to run the slalom between all the buoys located everywhere:-) I fish are not lobster, but entered the Garnholmen to check out the seaweed stock instead. It was cold in the wind but the fascination soon took the upper hand and I was wearing panties, hat and warm jacket, with the water up to his thighs, and danced with the pliers. It was really just like a dance. Riding whipped seaweed rus cows back and forth and offered me rhythmically new stylish seaweed shots as I tried to catch in his fist and cut off. It was quiet, except for the wind and the waves. I forgot the time and space, and although the thought struck me that I should think it was cold, so it was not worse than that it happened to be in the water with his legs. It was just the wind that was frigid. Realize, however, that it does not linger many days until the water temperature is creeping down further. I gotta get waders. Or dykdräkt. The gloves worked great, his hands froze not one iota.


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I was so euphoric by seaweed experience that I decided to sail on to Musö, where I was going. When I put the sails became Tess nervous of all flickering, so I offered her a safe berth in the box with everything possible, lying on a life jacket was spared a few ropes and sails. Where she left behind the rest of the ride.

Out on the open water between Makholm and Otterö it became hearty sailing wind. Old Lake after the storm meant that it rocked properly as well, and suddenly I realized that I was out there alone. And I sat and held in shooting lines so the fingers whitened. But I found that I felt completely safe. I'm getting accustomed to handling the boat, I trust the Munin. Although it is Hi-come-and-help-me with everything, so goes the engine up and running in a snap. Also, I had my beautiful floatation jacket on me, and who can worry about when you are hot and go:-)?

To the Idyll would not be for total, however, I became a little seasick when I steered the boat with the wind. Big waves obliquely from behind-it's not pleasant …!

Once I had added and arranged with all cords, sails and mooring forces took over. Had not done a lot more, but what a great day I had had:-)! Almost six hours of silence out there in nature, in the company of myself and Tess, and everything was perfect. It's days like these that make me not sink into depression when I have powerless days. Love it!




Click on the image above to see a short film!

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This picture I took another day, but that's about how it looks when you only have two hands and no deficit mounts …


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