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A few weeks ago, I posted some "Hi-I-seek-timjobb" messages to different places I was curious. One of them responded immediately that they needed extra help sometimes. So today came the day when I was out with Linnea and Jonas, who runs the company Catxalot to try out how it is to harvest seaweed, and to talk a little.

It was great fun! We went out to the bull boiler and where stepped Linnea and I out in the water and cut the pipe wrench, knöltång and bladder wrack. Jonas in wetsuit snorkeled out finger seaweed, seaweed, havssallat and karragenalg. The water was warmer than I thought, even if it felt strange to stand up to their thighs in water on the slippery stones while wearing panties, wool sweater and fleece jacket while swells constantly tried to tip over me, so I enjoyed excellent!


Finger tongs (Laminaria digitata)

To "make-up" tongs rus cows I was taught; cut off the nice new shoots but avoid the old sega and save the roots. Part of the flavor but especially for rod to be able to continue to grow. You might see differences in color, surface, and avoid fouling. So much different things to consider, and so very amazing facts about the richness we have in sea … There was a lot of information and it spins well done in the skull now I promise! But they can really his thing and are passionate about what they do, so it was impossible not to get infected! So now my kunskapshunger awakened:-)


Seaweed (Fucus serratus)

Linnea and Jonas also has an approach to marine resources and to its business which I feel the deepest joy and respect for (read their manifesto here), so I am looking forward to stepping into that extra tångdykerska when they need assistance.

Exciting! It should be plugged! I start with an easier repetition of today's lessons:



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