Something new starts

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Yes now turns. Now turn it actually.

The last few weeks I have been delving into the inner room I for various reasons has not had access to before. Or dared to enter. Not easy to know the difference there. No matter what, so I've been in there now and nosing around. With the help of nature, full moon, world meditations, yoga exercises, and the occasional book, loneliness and a Dutch healer/coach, the rooms have been opened. It has been very interesting and redemptive. And I'm not afraid anymore.

I have probably been scared all my life until now. And surely I will be afraid, but it's as if the fear no longer have the power to control. It may be there, it may be. But it can no longer control.

Simple huh:-)?

Finally, I understand, Oh no, I feel, the meaning of these two favorite poems:


Don't be afraid of the dark,
because the light rests there.
We see no stars,
There is no darkness.

In the bright irisringen
you wear a dark pupil,
because the dark is all that light
with trepidation longs to.

Don't be afraid of the dark,
because the light is resting there,
Don't be afraid of the dark,
as the light heart carries.

Erik Blomberg


Rustad, straight and armor sealed
I went forward--
but the horror was the post-cast
and of shame.

I want to throw my arms,
sword and shield.
All the fierce enmity
was my shield.

I have seen the dry seeds
REU in the end.
I've seen the bright green

Mighty is the infant life
more than iron,
out of the Earth's heart-driven
without shielding.

Spring dawns in winter climes,
which I froze.
I want to meet life's powers

Karin Boye


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