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Today I took my whole animals flock to the Mainland. On Musö the storm had shaken down coal tras tun gene out of its nest. Bird, almost fledges, sat dazed and puny on the trail, pep skräckslaget after their parents as affected flaxade around in the bushes around.

Its chances of survival were minimal unless I took with me killing the cat in the country, so poor the mote that endured the perilous journey across the stormy sea.

Tess, however, is becoming a real havshund. She trembles not even longer ?…

We passengers shivered nor, despite substantial vibration. Everything seemed safe. Must depend on the skipper's steady tiller ??. Birger, his boat.

The boat, Inge of Musö, the first boat built by legendary Albert at Musö, has been in S service for 60 years this year. Not bad! Many adventures she has bid on over the years. You can read about some of these in Birger's books Tales from the sea, Sjörök and others.

How is it that I and Birger is familiar is a whole story in itself. Maybe I write about it someday. In any case, I have known him since I was 12 years old and he and his family are included in the Pack of next of kin. He has contributed greatly to my slow take-off distance to wooden boat love. As a teenager I worked his summer in sail making and he was the one who made sure I got to sail for the first time in my life. A sailing seamstress who had never sailed-could just not ?.

As it can be. In a few days ' lifts I hopefully his nysydda sailing in unformatted, mast. If it can stop blowing any time ….?!


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