Since 2009 I have blogged at:

Before the computer and the internet gave me that opportunity was the first teenage diaries and then countless letters to my loved ones who channeled my desktop needs.

They have probably always felt thoroughly overwhelmed by my long and usually angry letters. That kind of writing hardly helped relations to flourish, I realize in retrospect. But obviously, I needed to get by me. Over time I learned to write the particularly outraged letters without sending them. They had to stay in the drawer. They had filled their role-I had gotten out of me that was closest to my heart, without hurting people with my sharp formulations.

It was a relief to start blogging. A perfect mix between private writing for my own development, and explanatory writing to a universal receiver. I had to draft me sharper, cleaner.

Blogging forced me to be private in a public way. To write about what is important to me, in a general way, without pointing out or reveal too much about my loved ones. Sometimes slipped I wrong-and to hear it from them)

I think I've gotten better with time. Blog Kim's life, formerly known as Kim's animal life, resting on an indefinite period of time. Now blogs I further on this website.

But you new readers who found us and want to see glimpses out of my life 2009-2016: Welcome to look into:

Kim's life