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… I'll download Munin so I am satisfied with enjoying the Perlan. It's a strange love affair I have with the boat. It is enough that I go and look after she is properly docked in the face of the night, so I will be filled with happiness.

Sometimes put myself for a while in the boat. Enjoying. Life never becomes as obvious as at that time.

It's a whole lot of small fixes remaining on the Perlan. I thought I'd arrange all that stuff already in the first year. But it is as if the need to take time.

Buttons, for example, has been in the verktygshinken in the boat all the time. Only yesterday began my hands picking them in place. A on the mast, so that it becomes easier to draw fockfallet. And so two aft, that shoot bullets. Now makes it unnecessary to use the rings-it was pretty difficult actually. If the wind blows too much risk of squeezing fingers properly, experience has shown …

On Friday, it will be a sailing trip. Then I test the difference ?.


The day before yesterday I raised a jib cranes to dry in the Sun and wind. It is made of cotton and mould quickly if it is moisture get lumpy. I bracket shots lines at appropriate places. I thought. When I came back two hours later, however, I had the pleasure to view how the wind had beaten an extremely complicated knots. It took me a long while to get tangled apart the whole thing. Keep in mind, what the wind can ??!

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