Double Prime!

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Then came the long-awaited day when I would drive home Munin.

Very small fixes, it was before we came away. At the test tour was discovered an oil leak that was due to a suddenly broken oljeteycksgivare. Who by chance had John a replaceable such laying around.

I was happy, excited and very tense on the eve of the tour. First of all, to run one for me new, but old and recently renovated boat. Anything can go wrong.

And then pass off the bull boiler! I have never done before… Worst notorious place, so exposed, where all the swells of the sea thunders straight toward the rocks after several days of strong wind. Help so creepy. No rigging up yet, therefore no sails to enlist the help of if… Yeah imagine how much that can go wrong …

Nothing went wrong. The tossing something horribly (I think) and I was on edge but we came home and the weather was glorious.

Today the rain is pouring down and I can hardly take anything at all. I have been home Munin! Now attgöralistor to be written.

John and Peter are even though they are so young genuine boat feeling, knowledge and craftsmanship. And good backing of Grandpa. I am cruelly impressed! 

Timeless workshop where most things can be fixed. 

… And where the vehicle rolls down to the long-awaited saltiness.  

On the way!

Now are we approaching Tjurpannedyningen…

And now breathe I out in quieter waters)



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