Deep water

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Now I have jumped straight out into the unknown. Or am I just straight up and down stupid.

I've hijacked all lanyards, security devices and throw me out in a highly uncertain economic future.

Took some time off from my job.


Searched to the marine line on Grebbestads folkhögskola, and adopted.

So here I stand, tanned and happy after a first day at sea with new friends, his chest full of joy at the prospect of finally being on time with something that I think I might pass by without sagging from exhaustion every third day.

But the economy is in free fall. I can apparently not cramming half time and either be unemployed or on sick leave the rest of the time. For this is the rules.

But now it's too late. For now I have jumped. Straight out of the precipice, and I've landed in the long-awaited but shocking cold water. And now just to dive into the ocean depths, to see everything that is wonderful, marvelous, frightening and beautiful. And then start swimming.

Necessity is the mother of invention of course:-)

Now I'll see if I can do it here.



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