A little plastic only

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Strandstädat on an island that is receiving incredibly much plastic from the sea.

Most in Sweden.


Long cut is shaped like a capital "L", and picks up the plastic very effectively. The island is outside the havstenssund.


Plastic and other debris from many, many years is here.


The plastic is thoroughly mixed with seaweed, wood, shells and sand over the years and the storms that have come and gone.


Strandnyponbuskarna do what they can to prevent the plastic from that end up on our streets and in our gardens.


The layer is metres thick in places. The plastic has weathered down. When you grab a piece that is full, then crumble the crumble between your fingers at the same time.


Our archipelago is heart ache spirit beautiful … It is also heart ache to know that only 20% of all plastics in the ocean then end up on our beaches and cliffs. The rest of the film is left out there in the deep blue.


Bottles, cans, tops (plastic sticks), gloves, bags, nets, tyres, crates, boxes, clips, spoons, plugs, strainers, toys, crisps bags, rope, rubber parts, oil, grease, styrofoam, shoes, floats, lines, boxes, cannulas.

And much more.



Today, we were three people who cleaned up.


Just that Yes, gift strings too. Really very gift laces. And balloons. Broken, that is.


All the small streams. We can not get rid of everything. Not without vacuuming the entire coast. And the oceans.

But maybe we can help each other to bring humanity to stop throwing plastic in nature?

All of them? From to clean up even the slightest balloon slamsa for children's party to persuade the major players to take care of themselves?

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