In the beginning was the word.

The journey of mankind has done since we came to Earth!

The language has so clearly accompanied mankind's development. From grottstadiet until now ….

  • Some learned the benefits of the 21st century-the spread to others.
  • Some learned to carve and indicate characters – the spread more.
  • Some learned to write and read longer texts-the spread to others.
  • Some learned to press the art-the spread to others.

And behold, today! Information moves back and once again thanks to the internet, available to almost everyone. The words are everyone's!

Isn't it marvelous magic? Imagine what the words do with us! How much they mean!

Many years ago, I was told the following story (free from memory):

It was a time long, long ago, in a small village in a sleepy part of Turkey of the country, an ordinary extended family who lived an ordinary life. One day the parents had another child, but that child turned out to be deaf, to the parents ' sorrow. The baby learned to either sign language or other ways to communicate, because the parents were poor and ignorant. Everyone in the family has to take care of the baby, but not communicated with it, for they did not believe there was any sense of the word. The child showed no feelings or needs. Not even when Grandma, who held much of the child, died of old age. It went for years, the child became larger, and nothing changed. A beautiful day, a well-read person to the village, with the knowledge of the deaf. The child was learning to communicate through sign language. Parents cried of happiness when they could finally communicate ed her child. When some time had passed the child wanted to know why everyone in the family had had "wet faces" some time ago. It turned out that the child meant the time that Grandma had died and it had been mourning, all would have been very sad. The child confirmed that it knew that Grandma had been lying lifeless in the apartment a few days and that she had disappeared. But the child didn't understand why they were so "sorry". What was "dead" for something? When the baby finally understood the meaning of the word, it could suddenly also weep and mourn, long after the incident had taken place. The words had given the child access to a world of understanding and feelings, as during his time as the deaf and had not had access to.



Without words, I know nothing, I understand nothing. Not for myself, not about others. I want to understand, to know, more and more and more.

The words well which, from an eternal source that never stops. The words makes me trip inwards and outwards. When I write I will meet my soul. When I read do I learn more about my own and others ' development travel.

That is why I write. Therefore, I am reading. To savour life. To understand myself and the world.


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