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About the trust

This will be quite a long text. Hope you manage to read. The point comes at the end:-) Trust. To trust to. To trust to others. For that trust to be able to... READ MORE

Something new starts

Yes now turns. Now turn it actually. The last few weeks I have been delving into the inner room I for various reasons has not had access to before. Or dared to enter.... READ MORE

Now inside the leaves

This day is a weird day. A threshold today, an end and a beginning. A nuvändervibladochservadnästakapitelavslöjar-day One day winter woke me, Sun congratulated me and the wind was blown away. One day, the... READ MORE

Could it be …

Forest. Long walk with Tess. My senses are imbued with the smells, the colors, the moist air toward the cheeks and in the nostrils. The body feels heavy, painful and slow, it says... READ MORE

Forward slopes

My body messes with me. Evil, evil. In the back, in the wrists, in the ovaries. Tired, tired.   Dryer is tight. Okay then, I rest. But I continue jtplim forward. The boats... READ MORE